Moan Moan Moan

February 2013


What a month!  After starting work on family bed number 4, it quickly became obvious that my plans for the layout had to change due to an unbelievable amount of crap underground. Not happy!  On top of that, 2 weeks were lost on site thanks to the kids being poorly. Then there was the weather…….it has been absolutely horrendous here, and still is.  The final straw came when I had a fall down the stairs at home leaving me with very little use in my right hand and foot.  Xrays showed no breaks, just lots of swelling.  Eight years ago if I fell down the stairs I could laugh it off and carry on, not now!

 I have sorely missed the escape the plot usually provides, and with snow still coming down now in March, getting back into it seems a long way off.


My Leeks ‘Musselburgh’  are doing well, as are the potatoes first early ‘Winston’, second early ‘Charlotte’, and main crop ‘Maris Piper’. The onions I had planted on site at the end of last year were ruined by neighbouring chickens so my second attempt is being started at home in cell trays, so far they’re looking great.  Unfortunately, the Sprouts and Cabbages which I sowed (hoping for a miracle turn around in the weather) have not survived and have been added to the compost.


Before my little accident I did manage to get the path started, it will run straight down the middle of the plot. A little old fashioned perhaps, but I like it and it works for me.  I have also found someone who will supply me with all the chippings I need for the path for free as long as I collect it myself, which is fantastic.  Some bargain fleece cloches in place to start warming the soil up make it look and feel like a real allotment, rather than a muddy building site.



 I sound like such an old winge bag when I read this back, but this has been my February!

Thank you


2 responses

  1. Looks like you’ve achieved loads on your new site and good luck with the growing year ahead. I say this as the snow is falling in London and I wonder if milder weather will ever arrive. Desperate to get back into the gardening groove, so will finally sow sweet peas and tomatoes indoors tomorrow, if I can shake off my apathy that is…

  2. Good luck to you too, and thank you. I hope the recent milder weather has allowed you the time to ‘get into the groove’ again 😉

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